WFDownloader App FAQ

What is WFDownloader App?

WFDownloader App is a smart batch downloading application specifically created to make batch/bulk downloading easier and it's free. For instance,
  • you have a bunch of links in a file or copied from a website and are looking for a way to download them all easily without downloading them one by one.
  • you want to generate a large list of sequential URLs that have a certain pattern (e.g. image01.png to image100.png) for download.
  • you want to get relevant download links from a website page without you having to download them one by one (e.g. download entire image galleries. Scroll below to see supported sites.)
Also, your downloads are organized into batches so that you can find related content easily. A major goal of WFDownloader App is that it should be easy to use. For example, in the case of a supported site like Pinterest, you might already know that a Pinterest board web page only contains thumbnails and requires scrolling down to access the full gallery. To download using WFDownloader App, all you need to do is copy the link of that page and paste it into the application! It will automatically scroll down the page for you, skip the thumbnails, and even open each pin page internally so that it gives you the images in their original sizes. If a process is not easy/seamless in WFDownloader App, it's a bug that should be reported! Therefore, whether you are looking for a free bulk image downloader or multipurpose bulk downloader, WFDownloader App is the right tool for the job. See our website tutorials and youtube tutorials where you can find examples of what you can do with this tool. Alternatively, you can read how to use WFDownloader App if you are in a hurry to get started.

Main Features of WFDownloader App?

The main features of WFDownloader App include:
  • Entirely free of charge (no trial, no ads).

  • Easy to use.

  • Proxy support.

  • Organized batch downloading.

  • Download multiple images at once in original resolutions directly from search engines Google, Bing, and Yandex.

  • Download entire image galleries, wallpapers, videos, audio/music, documents, etc., from supported sites.

  • Bulk download forum media such as images, videos, documents, attachments, etc from forum threads.

  • Bulk download files from open directories.

  • Customizable crawler for advanced/specialized link search on any website.

  • Bulk generate and download sequential files/urls having similar patterns.

  • Programmable downloader to download from almost any site.

  • Extensible downloader framework to support new sites which can be shared with others.

  • Cross-platform i.e. works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

See all features with screenshots to quickly help you decide if this app is what you're looking for.

Note: You are advised to read the whole of this faq page as it contains important information that will help you make the most of the application. For example how to report bugs, tips & tricks, support, etc.

I'm new, how do I get started with WFDownloader App?

See how to use WFDownloader App which gives you an overall idea of how to get things done using the application.

What sites are supported by WFDownloader App?

A supported site is a website that WFDownloader App knows how to download from using just the link to a page on the website. It grabs just the things you want on such sites. For example, if you provide it a link to an Instagram profile page, WFDownloader App will grab all the images and videos on that page and nothing else (which is what you want). This downloader supports the following sites:
  • Wallpapers:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (i.e.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, coppermine galleries, bluesky, lemmy instances, shopify instances, etc.
  • Search engines:,,
  • Music:,,,,,,, etc.
  • Video hosts:,,,, vodlocker,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc.
  • Others:

Many more sites are supported, just lazy to list them all. They are all working as at the time this faq was created.

If you're having issues with any of the above sites, you should report them otherwise you may continue to experience the issues. This is because WFDownloader App is not an official application to any of the sites it supports so things can stop working at any time without us noticing.

Why aren't all websites supported?

Just as how virtually all websites look and behave differently, so also is the technique required to download from them. The technologies used to build websites are diverse and we have to account for these differences while maintaining a high quality tool (a tool that grabs just the links you want without supervision). We keep adding new websites we discover or that have been suggested by users but this takes time and also requires the commitment to maintain the added sites because anytime a site changes, the process has to be repeated again! You can also contribute to the process because supporting new sites is very easy in WFDownloader App. Either save a created download configuration for reuse or write some short wfdownloader script/code for the site and you can share either for others to enjoy!

Some of the above-supported sites are no longer working?

A site may stop working or seem to no longer be working in the app due to the following reasons:
  • The site has changed recently. Many sites update their web page structure after some time making the current link search algorithm to no longer work. Remember, it's not an official app to any of its supported sites.
  • The site's target links are dead (i.e., they no longer work).
  • The site's page you're trying to download from requires login e.g. paid content, etc.
  • The site is blocking the application due to reckless downloading from users of the app.

What can you do?

First, ensure you are using the latest version of the application (very important). If the page requires login, either import cookies from your browser or use the app's inbuilt browser to login. That's because WFDownloader App does not have access to your browser session. Also, check that the page's target links aren't dead and are still working. If you are still unable to get the site to work, send an email to with the given page link that didn't work for you so that it can be looked into or used to improve the application.

My favourite site is not supported?

Check that you are using the latest version of the application and if the website is still not supported, you can try alternative sites to get what you want. If you believe the site is cool and should be supported, you can tell us about it. Another option is for you to use the manual search option to download from unsupported sites. If you're feeling adventurous, you can support new sites yourself and even share with others because WFDownloader App is an extensible downloader!

Is it still possible to download files from unsupported sites?

See how to use the manual link search option which shows how to download images, videos, documents or specific kinds of files from almost any website or web page. It includes a smart image search mode which allows grabbing only relevant images from almost any page. Just be sure to first do the needful if the site requires login for access as explained below.

How do I download from password-protected sites or sites that require login?

WFDownloader App does not and cannot access your browser session. If the site (or parts of it) requires login, you'll either have to import cookies from your browser into the application or use its inbuilt browser to login otherwise, you won't be able to download from such sites.

How do I download images, attachments, or other files from forum threads?

See how to download images and other media from forum threads. The process can be completed within a few clicks and it automatically handles multi-paged threads for you. If you're trying to crawl a website to grab some specific links/files such as hyperlinks, images, documents, etc, see using crawler mode for advanced link search. If you get "0 download links found" message or notice missing links from link search results see common link search issues and what to do.

I'm having issues downloading some links?

See common download problems and their resolutions. You should also check out tips and tricks.

How do I make a batch download only new media from a profile that has uploaded new posts/media?

Just click the update button and it will download only the recent posts uploaded by the profile since the last time you downloaded. Yes. Just use the batch link search feature. It will queue them up for you and perform the needed tasks. While this feature may be very convenient for you, some websites like Instagram don't like it and will block your IP address or your account with them, so you should first check if the site is okay with this.

How do I change the setting of a particular site e.g. Twitter?

You can configure a site just before you perform a link search (i.e., after you click the "Add" button). You do this via the "Config" button located on the lower left. Clicking it will bring up the configurable settings of the site like this for Twtter. If you do not see it, it means that site doesn't have any configurable setting.

How do I contact WFDownloader Support?

If you found issues you'd like to report, need help with something, or want to make some suggestions or improvement, please either use the contact form or write an email to Usually, you'll get a reply within 24 hours.

How to download from Instagram using WFDownloader App?

See our Instagram profile downloader tutorial which shows how to download all images and videos from Instagram.

How to download from Twitter using WFDownloader App?

See how to download Twitter images and videos.

How to program WFDownloader App?

WFDownloader App is a downloader for programmers and has its own scripting language. A lot of times, it's just one-liners you could type under a minute which you could save and then re-use (automatically) as many times as you want saving yourself (and your loved ones) considerable time and effort. See how to program WFDownloader App. For examples of wfdownloader scripting on real-world websites, check GitHub.

Looking for alternative bulk image downloader applications?

See best bulk image downloader applications [with Pros and Cons].


WFDownloader App isn't responsible for any content you download. We suggest you first check for copyright permissions before you begin to download. Please be careful!

What's the latest version of WFDownloader App?

The latest version of WFDownloader App is version 0.88. Note that it's still in the beta (test) stage and so things can still change based on feedback.
Based on user show of interest or lack of thereof, support for this product may or may not be continued. There's no need to expend effort on something that users don't want/appreciate. So if you like WFDownloader App or find it useful or don't want it to disappear or stop working, consider liking our Facebook or Twitter pages or sharing any of our tutorials or articles that you like as doing so will motivate us to keep working and improving the tool. Thanks.

Want to show support or appreciation?

It's simple! Just like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. It shows how many genuine fans we have and number of users that might be disappointed should the project be abandoned. By liking/following us, you'll never miss our updates, tips, or tutorials. It's where we post quick fixes and take feedback before releases are published. Our available channels are:

Other ways to show support include:

  • Reporting issues and suggesting improvements.

  • Creating articles on your blogs or internet communities you belong to.

  • Creating videos.

  • Sharing the app or our tutorials on social media or online communities you're a part of. It's easy, just click any of the buttons below :)