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Downloads are provided in 4 flavours - Windows, Mac, Linux and Cross-platform. Choose the version that is suitable for your OS.


WFDownloader App 0.88 recently released! Check out the important changes and added features here.

*If you encounter any issues such as download links not working, app not starting at all or running as expected, please report it.


Download this 64-bit installer below and run it.


After downloading, extract the zip file to a folder. Open the WFDownloaderApp folder created and then run the Start or Start.command file. No installation is required. If you are unable to start, open the HelpMeStart!.txt file.
WFDownloaderApp_MAC_BETA (ARM M1/M2).zip 98MB WFDownloaderApp_MAC_BETA (X64 Intel).zip 103MB

Note: If you're still unable to start the app, send an email to to receive help.


After downloading, extract the tar ball into folder then run the file.


This is a portable version that can be run on Windows, Linux and Mac systems. It requires Java (minimum version Java 8 or Jre1.8) to be installed on your system. If you don't have Java installed on your OS, go to Java's website and download the latest version for your OS. To run, after downloading the zip file below, extract the zip contents into a folder and then either double-click the .jar file or run the Start.bat file (for Windows) or run the file (Mac or Linux).