WFDownloader App Changelog (0.88 released!)

WFDownloader App 0.88 released! This release contains many important improvements and QOL features. See details below:

There is an important note at No. 11 for those who have been using WFDownloader App to download from Twitter (which changed to X recently) regarding cookie import issues for the site and how to resolve it.

  1. The user interface has some slight modifications. The most noticeable is that the big "Start" button now has a dropdown arrow next to it for more options.
    New start button for WFDownloader App
  2. As can already be seen from the image above. You can now "Start" or "Update" all batches at once with a single click! You can either do it from "Start" as shown above or you can right-click "Batch download jobs" as shown below.
    Starting or updating multiple batches at once
  3. You now have batch categorization. That is, you can group related batches into folders you want. For example, you can create a category called "Twitter" and move all Twitter batches into it.
    1. One advantage of categorization is that you can run/update just the batches in a category as shown below. For example, I can update only batches under Twitter if I want.
      Updating only batches under a category in WFDownloader App
    2. You can also add a sub-category and reorganize further if you feel a category is getting too large.
      Multiple sub-categories preview
    3. To move batches into any category of your choice, just drag and drop the selected batches into the category you want. To select multiple batches at once, hold either the SHIFT or CTRL key and select the batches you want to move.
      Drag and drop any batch into any category
  4. You can now sort your batches by name (both in ascending and descending order). In the preview below, you can see that it's sorted ascending.
    Sorting of batches by name in WFDownloader App
  5. When you set the software to update or run all batches, you get a batch run monitor to view the progress. Note that Instagram batches are skipped by default and aren't run/updated unless you enable that. It's so that you are aware of the danger of mass-updating Instagram batches.
    Running all batches preview/demonstration
  6. Complete revamp of the generic image search feature making it now more powerful than ever.
    Revamped generic image search
    Features include:
    1. A "Show more" button you can click to show more or less of the config area.
    2. A login button so that you can use the inbuilt WFDownloader App to log in. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking because they are logged in in their browser, WFDownloader App should be able to get the links. No, you also need to be logged in in WFDownloader App for such sites.
    3. Smart image search mode - now improved to work for many more sites out-of-the-box (as long as the page doesn't require scrolling). It will get just the images you want without you needing to filter anything out (most of the time, that is, *disclaimer*).
    4. Manual image search mode - for cases where smart image search fails. You have quick, standard, and deep modes. You can use these modes in connection with the filter box on the right to get just the image links you want.
    5. You also have the option to make WFDownloader App automatically grab linked/embedded images from known image hosts such as Imgur, Imagebam, etc, during the link search operation.
    6. You can specify whether the page requires JavaScript enabled in order to grab the links.
    7. You can now also specify whether you need WFDownloader App to scroll down the page to get the images you want. You can even configure how many scrolls you want, etc. Use this in combination with the filter results box on the right so that you extract only the images you want and remove all unwanted ones.
    8. You now have an in-search filter box on the right. That is, the filter will be applied during the image link search process. Note that this is different from the other filter box at the bottom which can only be used after the search has been completed. This filter can be used in conjunction with the "Save" button so that you can support new sites yourself!
    9. At the far right, you have the "Save", "Load", "Export", and "Import" buttons. You can hover your mouse on any of the buttons to know which is which. This lets you support new websites in WFDownloader App all by yourself! Once you are okay with a search, you can save your setting by attaching it to the website's URL and then next time, WFDownloader App will automatically apply the setting whenever you put any link of that website, making it behave like a supported site. You can see an example of this here. This feature was previously only possible in the Forum mode, Crawler mode, Open directory mode, and Programmable mode.
  7. Open directory mode now has an extra setting whether to skip query URLs or not. This is to help with some ODs that are non-standard.
    Open directory new setting
  8. WFDownloader App now by default saves the modified time info from the URLs after the files are downloaded. The effect of this is that you should now be able to sort by "Date modified" in your file explorer and it should give you the same order/arrangement from the website you downloaded from. Note that this only works if the website includes the info in the download link itself (and not just on the website page alone). For sites like Twitter and Instagram it works, but for Bluesky, it doesn't. You can turn it off from General Settings if you don't like this change.
    Modified date field now has the original upload date of the file
  9. Changed the way cookies are imported internally so that it can work for sites like You can always change it back to the old/legacy method from General Settings.
  10. The "Updater Config" for batches now has a third option. This is for a special case where some users need to move old downloaded files elsewhere and want the update to not re-download the moved files. That is, this option makes it remember already downloaded files even if they have been moved elsewhere.
    Updater config new third option
  11. Fixed several issues.
    • Twitter/X:
      • Changed support from Twitter to X (due to site change from Twitter to X which broke the software).
      • Added new options in the X config.
      • Note that anyone previously using WFDownloader App to download from Twitter (which has now become X) should log out of their browser (on Twitter), log back in (via, and then re-import cookies for X. The software now expects X cookies (and not Twitter cookies) so any update of previous batches will fail after updating the software to version 0.88 unless you have done this.
    • Pinterest:
      • Fixed a duplicate issue for Pins that were uploaded wrongly.
      • Fixed issues that occurred when downloading from the "/_created" and "/pins/" pages of a user profile.
      • Added ability to bulk download results from Pinterest search pages.
    • Instagram:
      • Fixed the "Couldn't extract user id" error that happened from some users.
      • Added ability to add date to be included in the filenames.
    • Vk (Vkontakte)
      • Fixed the software to work with the new site changes.
      • Can now download albums, all albums, playlists, photo, and video pages.
      • Note that if the page requires login access to download, you should use either the app's inbuilt browser to log in or import cookies from page only.
    • Behance: Fixed download issue as a result of the website change.
    • DeviantArt:
      • Fixed downloading from art post pages caused by website change.
      • Note that there is currently a bug in the DeviantArt API (which the site owners may not fix any time soon). This causes their API to sometimes not return the original image when using the API method in WFDownloader App. To make WFDownloader App always check and make extra API calls to get the original, click the DeviantArt "Config" button and select "Original" for resolution. Note that DeviantArt limits the number of API calls you can make, so that option will limit the number of galleries you can download before hitting their temporary website block.
    • Tumblr:
      • Fixed to now work with the website changes.
      • WFDownloader App can now download from websites with Tumblr backend. Even if you get an error mentioning the site is not supported, just click on the "Generic image search" button and it should now work.
    • Fandom:
      • Fixed an issue where in some cases it misses some media.
    • Google:
      • Fixed bulk downloading to work with the new Google Image search page changes.
    • Mastodon:
      • Improved the naming to be more informative.
      • Can now download from profiles, profiles media, hashtag, favorites, and bookmark pages.
  12. Added support for a few sites. The most notable ones are BlueSky (, Lemmy instances, and Shopify instances. A lot of their instances have been added to the support list, but if the one you're trying to download from isn't added, just use the "Generic image search" mode and it will still work.
    • BlueSky: can download from, user profiles, search, hashtag, user likes, and user post pages.
    • Lemmy: can download from a site's home page, community pages, search pages, and user pages.
    • Shopify: can download from product and collection pages.
  13. Improved the error messages in the link search section to be more informative.
  14. Fixed some issues for those using the programmable mode:
    • Fixed scrolling issue where it doesn't get links from subsequent scrolls for some sites like Kavyar.
    • Added more options for the scroll script such as filter regex and three search modes.

Thanks a lot to all those who reported issues and offered great suggestions.

You can download the latest version of WFDownloader App for your operating system at the official download page.

If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions or criticism, use the contact form.

Thank you for your time.

PS: If you're wondering what happened to all previous release info. Don't worry, they weren't deleted. You can find them here.


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