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ArtStation is a popular platform for artists to showcase their artworks. You can find lots of talented artists who produce various art types and designs which you can find in their portfolios. There are situations where you really like only a few images in an artist's portfolio, possibly you want to use them as wallpapers. In this case, you can manually click the download button to get them, easy right? What about if you like a few hundred, or an entire artist's collection of images? Surely, downloading them one by one is out of the question. In this situation, you are probably looking for an ArtStation downloader. Let me introduce you to WFDownloader App - a free bulk image downloader that supports bulk downloading full-resolution images and videos from many sites including ArtStation. This downloader is cross-platform so it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. To download from ArtStation, simply copy the link/URL of the ArtStation gallery you want, paste it into the application, and then it grabs all the images in their full sizes (for example in 4k if available).


  • The tool has been tested to download images and videos from artworks, albums, projects, collections, likes, and user profiles. If any of these pages do not work for you, use the "Report issues" link in the note at the bottom.
  • In the dialog box (shown in step 4), there is now a "Config" button where you can select whether you want to download only images, or only videos, or both.

Downloading images from ArtStation

Let's see an example by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the ArtStation page containing the images you want to download. It could be an artwork, project, album, etc.
  2. Copy the link/URL of the page from your web browser.
    copy artstation link/url from the browser address bar
  3. Open WFDownloader App and click the "Add" button. The link you copied will be automatically pasted in for you.
    wfdownloader app add button highlighted
  4. Now enter the folder where you want to save the downloaded pictures.
    artstation link and save folder entered in wfdownloader app
  5. Click "Confirm" and now the link search will begin. Because Artstation uses Cloudflare protection, depending on your country or ISP, WFDownloader App may have to present a captcha test for you to pass. Once passed, the link search will continue to find the remaining links. Please allow the window to automatically close by itself.
    cloudflare security check for artstation
    captcha images shown
    captcha solved successfully
  6. Click "Confirm" once the link search is completed.
    artstation link search completed
  7. If you disabled the "Skip pre-batch creation step" option from the "General Settings" as I've done, you can set the initial properties of the batch. In this case, I gave the batch a suitable name and set the batch to download all the images to the same folder (which is not the default).
    set artstation batch properties
  8. A new batch will be created and added to the application for you. Click "Start" to begin downloading the items. You can go sip some coffee while you allow the batch to download to completion.
    artstation batch started in wfdownloader app
  9. Once the downloads have been completed, you can right-click the batch to open the folder for the batch.
    open folder option shown for batch
  10. That's all.
    downloaded artstation gallery shown in file explorer

Downloading videos from ArtStation

While the above example was focused on downloading images, WFDownloader App is also able to download videos from ArtStation as shown in the quick illustration below. Just copy the link to the page whose video you want to download.

ArtStation video download illustration

You can get WFDownloader App from the official download page.


  • WFDownloader App supports many other sites such as,,,,, etc., all listed in the faq.
  • WFDownloader App is not an official application to any of the sites it supports so things can stop working at any time. Report issues to get them fixed right away.

In conclusion, we have seen how to bulk download images, wallpapers, artworks, or videos from ArtStation's website. If you have any questions or suggestions or it’s not working for you, kindly comment so that it can be addressed. Thanks for reading!


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