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Alphacoders' website is becoming a popular choice to find nice images, wallpapers, art, gifs, avatars, and so on. If you are looking for a way to batch-download whole galleries from this website, then let me introduce you to WFDownloader App. It's a free bulk image downloader that supports bulk downloading from many image/wallpaper sites including You copy the link/URL of the page whose images you want to grab and paste it into the application which will then grab the full-resolution versions of the images. In this tutorial, I will be downloading images of ice creams from Alphacoders.

  1. If you don't have WFDownloader App, first download it from the official download page.
  2. Go to the Alphacoders gallery page whose images you want to download. It could also be a search you've made on the site.
  3. Copy the link/URL from the address bar of your browser.
    copy link/url of the alphacoders gallery from your browser
  4. Open WFDownloader App, and click the "Add" button. The link will automatically be inserted for you. Also, enter the folder where you want to save the gallery.
    Enter link address and folder location to save your alphacoders gallery to
  5. This step is not necessary and can be skipped, however, it is included to show how WFDownloader App allows you finer control over what you download via a "Config" button. The ice cream category is large and spreads across 18 pages as can be seen in the image from step 3. I just want to download the images from the first 5 pages in this case. After clicking the "Config" button, I entered a custom page range of 1-5 and clicked "Confirm". Remember, if you want to download the whole gallery, then you can just skip this step.
    Alphacoders config box in WFDownloader App
  6. Click "Confirm" and the link search will begin. After the search is completed, click "Confirm" at the bottom right of the box.
    Link search completed
  7. Next, either set batch properties or skip the step. A new batch for the Alphacoders gallery will be created for you.
    Set batch properties for alphacoders gallery
  8. Click "Start" to begin downloading the batch and allow the batch. That's all.
    Alphacoders ice cream batch started


For Alphacoders' website, WFDownloader App supports downloading categories, tags, searches, gifs, art, images, wallpapers, avatars, etc., so if any of these pages do not work for you, please report it to support. Some steps and details have been skipped here to make this tutorial short. You can check out this more complete tutorial which illustrates a few settings you may want to make.


  • WFDownloader App supports many other sites such as,,,, etc., all listed in the faq.
  • WFDownloader App is not an official application to any of the sites it supports so things can stop working at any time. Report issues to get them fixed right away.

If you have any questions or suggestions or if it's not working for you, kindly comment so that it can be addressed. Thanks for reading!

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