How to add batch download for items with similar patterns

WFDownloader App helps us to generate and download sequential urls (or fusker links). There are times when you want to download a collection of items that follow a pattern in their URL addresses. Peradventure, you are viewing a large image collection with so many items in it. You'd love to download them all but doing that manually (one by one) is too cumbersome. However you notice that the image urls follow a sequence e.g. image1.png, image2.png, image3.png, etc. That's where this functionality comes in to save you. Follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Tasks > Add batch download with pattern.
  2. Enter the pattern URL address. For this example we are using the fictitious link as our reference URL. We assume a total of 4 galleries with each having images ranging from image00.jpg through image11.jpg. All we have to do is specify the sequence ranges for the gallery and the image parts in square brackets [ ]. Now our pattern URL will be modified into[1-4]/image[00-11].jpg. Notice the ranges specified within square brackets and that 48 URL address were generated for us as shown on the dialog box.
  3. Now Enter the batch name and save location. You can use the 'Browse' button to enter the save location. You should now have something that resembles the image below.
    wfdownloader app batch add by pattern dialog box
  4. Click confirm and that's it. You can now start the batch download added.

Quick Reference Guide

If you're trying to build more advanced patterns, this quick reference will help you. Note that you can combine any number of them.

  • Numeric Ranges: Has the format [START-STOP:STEP]. Examples are:
    • image[1-10].png => image1.png, image2.png, ..., image10.png.
    • image[01-10].png => image01.png, image02.png, ..., image10.png.
    • image[00-20:5].png => image00.png, image05.png, ..., image20.png.
    • image[10-5].png => image10.png, image9.png, ..., image5.png.
  • Alphabetic Ranges: Has the format [START-STOP]. Examples are:
    • image-[a-z].png => image-a.png, image-b.png, ..., image-z.png.
    • image/[A-Z].png => image/A.png,image/B.png, ..., image/Z.png.
  • Custom list of values: Has the format [value1,value2,...,valueN]. Note no spaces allowed. Examples are:
    • image-[one,two,three].png => image-one.png, image-two.png, image-three.png.
  • Repeated values: Has the format [#n] where n is the index/number of the square bracket range/value you want to repeat. Examples are:
    • album-[a-c]/image-[#1]-[1-5].png => album-a/image-a-1.png, album-a/image-a-2.png, ..., album-c/image-c-5.png.
    • album-[a-c]/image-[1-5]-[#2:3].png => album-a/image-1-001.png, album-a/image-2-002.png, ..., album-c/image-5-005.png

Note that if you already have a list of links you want to download, you can also use WFDownloader App as a batch link downloader. Thanks for reading!