How to batch download a list of URLs

It's possible that in your internet adventure, you've encountered a situation where you needed to download a list of URLs/links (e.g. images, documents, videos, etc.). The links could be located in a file or it's just something you copied from the clipboard. Downloading the links (URLs) one by one would be a tedious/boring task. That's why I will be showing you how to do this efficiently using WFDownloader App. It's a multipurpose bulk downloader that is particularly suitable for this kind of task. It's free and cross-platform (i.e. it can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs). It also has the ability to save the progress of your batch downloads so that you can stop them and resume again at any time. This batch link downloader also has the advantage that it can download up to 20 links at once (i.e. concurrently), making the download process end much quicker. It has also been tested to handle downloading millions of links as a batch easily. You may need to grab the links from a file using the button at the lower left if your clipboard can't handle that size.

Note: This tutorial is about download a list of direct links to the files themselves (not the pages they are found on). As you can see from the image below, each link is to an image. If you have a list of pages that contain the links you want to download as a batch (e.g., a list of Twitter, Pinterest or ArtStation profiles you want to batch download from), read this batch link search tutorial instead.

enter batch details


Just follow these steps below:

  1. Go to the location that contains the list of URLs/links to be downloaded.
  2. Select the links you want and copy them to your clipboard.urls list in a file
  3. Open WFDownloader App, go to Tasks > Add a batch download from clipboard or file.
    select batch option from menu
  4. Notice that the links have automatically been pasted for you. You can use the "Grab from file" button if you prefer to load the links from a file instead. This is preferable if you are trying to download an extremely large list of URLs or you don't want to copy them to your clipboard.
    link auto-pasted into WFDownloader App
  5. Now enter the batch name, the location to save to, and click "Confirm".
    enter batch details
  6. A new batch will be created for you. All you have to do next is to click the "Start" or "Resume" button to start the batch of downloads and allow for it to complete.
    batch of images added

If you need to download more links with the current batch, click the "Add Multiple URLs" button shown in the image above and you will be able to add the new links to the batch. As said earlier, if for any reason you have to temporarily stop the download progress, use the "Stop" button. You can save the state and resume at a later time. If you have tried this method, please share your experience in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!


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