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Bluesky is another decentralized social media platform touted as an alternative to Twitter (now X). It still has quite a bit to go as it currently only allows uploading images and doesn't yet support uploading videos. As many artists, photographers, and media influencers have begun migrating to the platform, you might be wondering how to bulk download from Bluesky. Fortunately, this tutorial is about that. We'll be using a software called WFDownloader App to serve as our Bluesky downloader. It can download all images from Bluesky whether from a Bluesky profile account, a search, a hashtag result, or just a post. To download media from Bluesky, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the page whose images you want to download from. It can be a Bluesky profile page, a search page, a hashtag page, or a post page.
  2. Copy the link from your web browser's address bar. You can right-click to do this.
    Copy Bluesky URL from the address bar
  3. Open WFDownloader App and click the blue "Add" button.
  4. Enter both the link and the save folder where you want to save the download images".
    Bluesky URL and save folder entered
    Notice there is a "Config" button on the lower left. You can use it to customize what links are extracted. For example, for a Bluesky profile link, you can specify whether you want to download all media posted by the account or whether you want to download all media liked by the account. So you can use this software to download your Bluesky likes or those of any other account.
    Bluesky download config
  5. Click "Confirm" and the link search will start.
    Bluesky link search in progress
  6. After the link search is completed, click "Confirm" and a new batch will be created for you.
    Bluesky link search completed
  7. A new Bluesky batch will be created for you. Click "Start" to begin downloading the images.
    Bluesky batch download started
  8. That's it. You can right-click the batch to open the folder where the Bluesky media are being downloaded.
    Folder contain Bluesky media downloaded

Download the likes of any Bluesky account

With this Bluesky downloader, you can download the likes of any Bluesky account, not just yours. Note that while the Bluesky website hides the likes of others except yours, they are still publicly available via the Bluesky API (since by nature decentralized platforms build on openness) so this isn't any hacking or bypassing. The steps to follow are similar to what you've already done above. That is, copy the link to the profile, and in step 3 above, you select the "likes" option to indicate what you want to download from the Bluesky account and click "Accept". After that, it will download all the likes of that account. See the image below.

Bluesky download config for likes

Downloading from multiple Bluesky profile accounts at once

Sometimes you may need to download media from multiple Bluesky accounts. For example, you have a list of these accounts or you have a list of posts you want to download from. It will be tedious doing this one by one. The solution is to use the "Batch link search" feature of WFDownloader App. It will allow you to queue all the items and go through each one extracting the links and downloading them until it finishes all of them in the list. Follow the steps below:

  1. Copy your list of Bluesky accounts or pages you want to download from. In this case, it was copied from Notepad.
    Bluesky list of links in Notepad
  2. Go to Tasks > Batch link search.
    Batch link search selected from Task menu
  3. The links should have been pasted automatically for you, but if that doesn't happen, you can just paste it in yourself.
    Copied Bluesky links in batch link search

    *Note: In the above image, you can see that different Bluesky URL types were copied. It doesn't matter as long as they are all Bluesky pages. The software will handle them according to the site config you specify. Also, note the "Batch mode" option that was set in case this will not be a one-time operation and you will need to update the batches in the future.
  4. Configure the link search options you want and after that, click "Confirm" to begin downloading the list.
    Bluesky batch link search in progress
  5. Once the process is complete, click "Accept". That's it.

You can read more about batch link search. Note that while this feature is very convenient, some websites don't like people doing this and can block you. You should check the website to see what is acceptable and whether you may need to add crawl or download delays which the software allows you to do. Check the already given link for more info.

Updating a Bluesky batch of downloads

If you downloaded from a Bluesky profile that uploads content regularly, you may just want to download the new media that were added. For that, just click the "Update" button in WFDownloader App. Only the new media will be downloaded. You do not have to create a new batch and repeat the entire process again.

Bluesky batch update


If you are looking for a Bluesky downloader, WFDownloader App will suffice. It can download media from individual posts, profile accounts, likes, searches, and tag pages. Note that the software also works for other social media sites such as Mastodon, Lemmy, X, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. If you tried this tutorial, let me know how it went for you in the comments. To report issues or bugs, please use the contact form and provide as many details as possible. Thanks for reading!


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