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How easy or how difficult is it to download tv shows? Surely if it was trivial, you would not be here. Sometimes watching them online is not enough, but that's if your internet connection is strong enough to begin with. Most of these tv series sites allow you to watch online but "forget" to provide the download button. And even for those that provide, it's like you're in a game of minesweeper where if you click the wrong button, you are hit with a barrage of ads and popups. Even if you've finally found the trick and can discern the correct watch/download buttons for a site, there is still the problem of dead links and if reached, you then have to go back and try another video source. These are the problems you face for just an episode. What if you want to download the whole season, or the entire series? You may say that's only possible via torrent sites but then you may encounter the seeders vs leechers problem there. I know many of you have given up in the past but you might be wondering how I know all this - I was once in your shoes! But should it really be this difficult? The answer is NO! and it's because WFDownloader App is here for you. For supported sites, WFDownloader App will help you bulk download tv shows, by-passing those annoying ads and skipping dead links!

In this tutorial I will be downloading Supergirl season 3 from (Even better is As you may encounter issues with swatchseries, scroll to the bottom of this page for better supported tv series sites). I recommend this site because in addition to having a huge database of tv shows, it's constantly being updated timely. It also has lots of working video sources for each episode giving you many options and reducing the likelihood of encountering dead links.

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the above website or any other one supported by WFDownloader App.
  2. Use the search bar and search for supergirl.Supergirl entered in search bar
  3. Open the season 3 page and copy the address bar url from you web browser. Either right-click in it and select Copy, or use Ctrl + C.Season 3 link clickedSeason 3 url copied to clipboard from address bar
  4. Open WFDownloader App and click the Add toolbar button. Notice that the url address has already been pasted for you.WFDownloader App Add button clickedSupergirl 3 url already entered for link address
  5. Enter the save folder where the downloads should be saved in and click Confirm.Save location entered
  6. The link search should begin. Once finished, click Confirm. A new batch download would be created for you.WFDownloader App link search completed with 23 results
  7. On the main window, either click the 'Start' or 'Resume' button to begin the download. You can go sip some coffee while WFDownloader App downloads for you.WFDownloader App supergirl 3 batch started
  8. Once completed, you can right-click on the batch and select "Open Folder" or right-click on any download item and select "Open" to start watching it immediately.

Now what if unlike me, you are new to the series and would like to download everything from season 1 to season 3. It's simple, just use the link/url for the series page rather than the season's page. In this case you will use "" instead of "" as was used in this example. Also, if it's just an episode you want to download, use the episode's page instead.

Other tv series sites supported by WFDownloader App include,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and clones
,,,,,,,,,, etc.
If you have suggestions for other websites you want to be supported, tell us here. Thanks for reading!

Note: We have recently discovered that is not as reliable as it once was. You might encounter issues when using WFDownloader App to download older seasons of your selected series as many of the video links are deleted or missing for older seasons. For now, or seem to be more reliable so we encourage you to use those instead. If you are just downloading the currently airing season of any tv show or any recently completed season, then swatchseries is alright for that.

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