How to download a music album

Music is an essential aspect of one's soul so much that it is capable of influencing the mood of the listener. Whether it's to relax, work, play or dance, playing the right music is a must and gets you in the mood. Everyone likes one type of music or the other. In this tutorial, I'm going to be showing you how to download a full music album using WFDownloader App. I got inspired to write this article a few days ago when a friend told me that his girlfriend told him "You won't find a girl like me". The last phrase of that statement "a girl like me" for some strange reason connected with me so much that I recalled Rihanna's 2006 pop hit album of the same name. I remembered really loving this album at the time especially its third track Unfaithful. I now wanted to listen to this retro album but since there are quite a number of tracks in it, I didn't want to download each one by one. Now let's explore this adventure and see how WFDownloader App makes it easy to achieve this in a few steps.

In order to do this, we will be using a favourite music mp3 website of mine (which WFDownloader App also supports) called (use as it is now better). Its database has a huge collection of mp3 music all arranged by artistes and albums. It's easy to find the artiste, album or song you're looking for via its search bar. Okay without further ado:

  1. Open your favorite web browser, go to and search for "a girl like me".search value entered
  2. In the search result, it may seem that nothing was found. Just click the "ALBUMS" filter in the lower left corner of the browser window.albums filter selected
  3. Select the album you want by clicking it. In this case we are selecting Rihanna's - A Girl Like Me album.rihanna's a girl like me album search result at
  4. On the album page, copy the url in the address bar. Either right-click inside and select Copy or use shortcut Ctrl + C.copy adress bar url illustration in Google Chrome
  5. Open WFDownloader App and select the Add button on the tool bar. Notice that WFDownloader App has already populated the link address field for you.WFDownloader App add button clickedLink address already entered
  6. Enter the save folder for the album to be downloaded in. You can use the "Browse" button to navigate your PC's file system and select the folder you want. Once you're through, click Confirm. The link search should folder now entered
  7. Once the link search is completed, click confirm.Rihanna Music search results in WFDownloader App from
  8. A new batch is created for you containing all the songs in the album. Click either "Start" or "Resume" button to start downloading.WFDownloader App with new music batch created for you
  9. Once your batch download is complete, you can start listening to your album. Either right-click on any of the songs and select "Open" to start playing right away or select "Open folder" to see how WFDownloader App has organized this album for you.
  10. Enjoy your music.

Well that was easy you say. Now what if you're a fanatical, sorry die-hard, no, big fan of Rihanna and would love to have all her songs and albums in one fell swoop! WFDownloader App again comes to the rescue. The steps to follow are similar to those above. All you have to do differently this time is get to Rihanna's artiste page. See below:

  1. Get to Rihanna's page on the music site. Either use the search bar, or click on "Rihanna" in the previous album's page title info location.Click on Rihanna's link
  2. Follow the rest of the previous steps. That's it. If you check your file explorer after all the downloads have completed, you will notice that WFDownloader App has organized all the songs by their respective albums for you!

As shown in this tutorial, downloading entire music albums doesn't have to be a pain. Just let your download manager do this for you. You might be interested in viewing other music websites supported by WFDownloader App. If you have other great music websites that aren't yet supported, you can tell us here.

Rihanna might not be your favourite artiste however, I assume you have one whose album is worth the shot. Happy bulk downloading!

Note that it is assumed that you have legally purchased and own the songs you are downloading.

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