How to add a batch download

This tutorial shows generally how you add a batch download when trying to use WFDownloader App to obtain download links from the page of a supported website. If you are new, you might prefer to read how to use WFDownloader App instead as it gives an overview of the application.

  1. Open your favourite web browser and navigate to the webpage of a supported website whose download links you want to obtain. For this example we are using the search page "" which currently contains 42 results for cars.
  2. Go to the address bar and copy the url (either Ctrl + C or right-click and click Copy).
    copy address bar url from browser
  3. Go to WFDownloader App and click the Add toolbar button. Notice the link address is already set automatically. Note that a valid url (link address) must start with either 'http://' or 'https://' and that is why you should copy and paste it rather than manually type it in.
    wfdownloader app add button shown
    wfdownloader app add batch dialog box
  4. Now enter the folder where you want to save the links to. You can click the "Browse" button for this.
    save folder entered
  5. Click "Confirm". Now the application will begin scanning for the links.
    confirm clicked
    wfdownloader app finding links
  6. When link search is completed, the table will be populated with the links. Click "Confirm" to add the links as a batch download. You can use the "Remove Links" button to remove duplicate or unwanted links.
    confirm links found
  7. If you have deselected the "Skip pre-batch creation step" option in general settings, you will be able to set the initial batch properties which is shown below. I have unselected the above option because I want to set all download items to download into the same folder (which is not the default in WFDownloader App). I have also given the batch a suitable name. After setting what you want click "Confirm", otherwise you can click "Skip" if you are not interested.
    set initial batch properties
  8. Now click the "Start" toolbar button to begin the batch downloads.
    wfdownloader app start batch clicked
  9. The downloads should begin. See below:
    wfdownloader app batch started
  10. Once the batch completes, you can right-click on either the batch or any of the download items and select "Open Folder" to open the folder on your file system where the downloads are being saved. You do not have to exit the application to search for the save folder. To stop the batch download at any time, use any of the "Stop" buttons. You can save the state at any point, close the application and resume the downloads at a later time.
    cars in windows explorer
Note: On step 6 in the above tutorial, you may get a message stating that the website you are trying to get links from is not supported. In this scenario, you can use the manual search option. Otherwise if you want the site natively supported, you can tell us here. We won't know what websites are important to you unless you tell us. Also, you may try alternative websites to get what you what. See our list of supported sites.

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